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Central Vaccum
Made in Portugal The company invests in the innovation
of all devices it manufactures, aiming
the total satisfaction of all clients.
Silent, Practical
and efficient
PRODUCTS The central vacuum is an excellent
alternative to the traditional
vacuum cleaners

Aspilusa Central Vacuum

Our Mission:

Bring comfort and hygiene to every house around the world.

Our Vision:

We want to be your partner Today, Tomorrow and the Day After Tomorrow.

Our Values:

Aspilusa works on strong values:
Quality, Efficiency, Innovation, Loyalty.

Who we are & what we want



Quality Products

Aspilusa was founded in 2001 with the objective of producing and selling central vacuum systems for the Portuguese market. With the passing of time Aspilusa has grown and has become the Nº1 company in the local market. Currently the company is represented in Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Angola, Brazil and the United States of America. We hope to continue growing and to increase our presence in more countries in order to continue being increasingly recognized.


Why Work With Us

6 Reasons for us to work together

Your success, is our success

Your success, is our success

We believe the best way to improve our work is to develop a relation of proximity with our clients, learning from their experience with our products.

We aim to innovate

We aim to innovate

As manufacturers, we are always aware of central vacuum market trends, developing in-house solutions to better serve the end user.

We are reliable

We are reliable

You can count on our ability to quickly answer to every order, a service of quality and garantee of installation and materials.

we have the manpower

we have the manpower

From pre-production to the assembly line, not forgetting sales and after-sales service, we have all the professionals needed to garantee the best products and services.

We think globally

We think globally

We are always thinking in ways to expand our business. Whether it’s in Europe, Africa or South America, we want to be wherever you are.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration

The comfort and hygiene of customer’s home

Our Products

Izzy Series

Izzy Central Vacuum

Aquamatic Series


LogVac Central Vacuum Inlets

Sweep Inlets Valves

KitchenVac Sweep Inlet Valves