Central Vacuum

The alternative to the traditional vacuum cleaners

The Central Vacuum is an excellent alternative to the traditional vacuum cleaners. These systems, already existing in many housing constructions, bring countless advantages. In homes with Central Vacuum, to vacuum becomes a quick and funny task.

More Silent

Once the central vacuum system is away from the more frequented areas, noise is stopped! You may vacuum at any time of the day or evening without disturbing anybody.

More Hygienic

With the power of the central vacuum units, manufactured by Aspilusa, nothing can resist to its suction capacity! Not even your pet’s hair!

Easier to use

Inlets are spread out all over the house enabling vacuuming to be quicker and almost without effort. The central Vacuum accessories, highlighting the long hose, contribute to the Aspilusa’s central vacuum system usability.

How it work

For any kind of installation

At Aspilusa, all details are important and essential for the correct operation of the system. Each central vacuum system installation is evaluated and planned ahead, in order you may benefit of all its potential. Each house is unique. For that reason, Aspilusa designs the more appropriate central vacuum unit according to the needs and morphology of each house.

Lowest level of noise

The central vacuum unit is installed in a distant and inconspi­cuous place, such as the garage or the basement. The more isolated the place is, less will be the noise. Even if the central vacuum systems manu­factured by Aspilusa register a lowest level of noise.

All over the house

You may now stop to pull along your vacuum cleaner all over the house. With the Aspilusa central vacuum units, you can vacuum every corner of your home in half of the time! The piping network is extended all over the house, invisible inside the walls.

Inlets in strategic areas

Esthetic and functional, the inlets are installed in strategic areas, in the skirting board. To vacuum, you only have to choose one of the Aspilusa’s Vacuum Kits and connect the hose into the inlets.

How to install

Installation scheme

In order to your Central Vacuum System to work properly you must do a proper pre-installation without fails that might damage the proper functioning of your system. Therefore, you should take in consideration some aspects extremely important. In order to do so, Aspilusa exemplifies the proper way you should do the pre-installation.